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​Membership information

The membership and annual membership fees are as follows.

Please make the payment at the same time as sending the membership application  documents.

After confirming  the payment, we will send you the certificate

​and terms.Announcement of future activities, and  competitions will be announced on ANNBBF NEWS ,Internet homepage and SNS etc.

       Admission fee     Annual fee

GYM            15000JPY      30000JPY

Club                10000JPY      20000JPY

​Individual      5000JPY         10000JPY

※Club  A group of 3 to 6 people in the same district training in a gym that is not a member of ANNBBF​

Enrollment flow

1,Download the membership application

2,Fill in and FAX


3,Send membership application from the ANNBBF

4,Return the membership application form

5,​Pay the admission fee and annual membership fee​​

​Membership application destination





TEL  0996−23−5787

FAX  0996−22−7155

Bank Transfer

西日本シティ銀行 三ヶ森支店

普通 3068124


会計 清尾享



TEL ,093−613–2013





​パーソナルトレーニングジム NICE BODY 清尾享

​TEL  093−616−0401

​携帯 090 -5749-9216

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